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Spherical Display Software and Hardware

In collaboration with Professor Jeff Halverson and Suzanne Braunschweig, AVAIL has released, and continues to improve upon, an open-source, multi-platform tool for displaying content on spherical displays. We have helped develop novel spherical content. We intend to extend this work toward making it easier for educators, researchers, and hobbyists to more easily build their own spherical displays. Our project runs in the multi-platform Processing environment and consists of two files, sphere.pde and shader.glsl. You can download it here.

Human-Robot Interaction

In collaboration with Professors Cynthia MatuszekĀ and Frank Ferraro, AVAIL is working on a system in which a human interacts with a virtual robot, from which the robot’s simulated sensor data is captured for use in the development and application of a training corpus.

Computational Linguistics of Collaborative Work

In collaboration with Dean Marie desJardins and Professors Simon Stacey and Shimei Pan, AVAIL is applying techniques from computational linguistics to the domain of text-based academic teamwork.

Microscopy Visualization

In collaboration with Professor TagideĀ deCarvalho, AVAIL is exploring new applications of 3D capture, 3D reconstruction, and 3D visualization to microscopy.

Materials Science and Finite Element Analysis

In collaboration with Professors Marc Zupan and Rick Everett, AVAIL is exploring the application of image segmentation and VR visualization to the analysis of defects in additive manufacturing, as well as the use of VR for interactive finite element analysis

Neuro Image Segmentation

In collaboration with Professors Peter Kochunov and Curtis Menyuk, AVAIL is exploring the segmentation of voxel-based neurological data (esp. electron microscopy) for the extraction of quantitative parameters describing neurological tissue as a function of factors such as age and disease.